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Dear Summergen Creator,

First of all, thank you in advance for creating a fanworks for me - I know I'll love it. My prompts are quite varied, and I tried to keep them fairly broad but please twist, bend, and shake them, and just let your imagination run free!

I enjoy a lot of different genres; action and case based hunts, h/c (including permanent injury), apocalypse, horror and dark themes, outsider POVs, bunker fic, Impala fic, curtain/future pieces, but also a quiet slice of life type feel.

I'm a huge h/c lover (hurt!Sam is where my heart lies, but I like Dean to be suffering too) and I'm also open to fanworks that feature death if you want to explore that. I like happy endings too, but I also really enjoy a bittersweet feel - a glimmer of light in the dark.

I like the boys to take centre stage, but I'm not opposed to side characters making an appearance (but no Angels please), as long as the focus remains on Sam and Dean - I'm all about the brothers and their complicated relationship!

Regarding time lines, I'm open to any season, and I enjoy future and Stanford eras as well as weechester or teenchester.

If you're an artist, just go for it, whatever your style is; digital, free hand, comic book strip - it's all welcome here!

I hope that this, along with the list of things I'd rather not receive, will help. But honestly, I will enjoy whatever you choose to create - so go wild and enjoy yourself!

Thanks again and I hope you have fun with the prompts. Happy creating!


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