Rattled for tyrsibs

Jul. 24th, 2017 07:14 pm
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Title: Rattled
Recipient: [personal profile] tyrsibs
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~3157
Warnings: Mild show level language, a bit of light H/C and implied OC death. Story is set between 8.16 Remember the Titans and 8.17 Goodbye Stranger, consider that your spoiler warning.
Author’s Note: Apologies as I think this might have ended up kind of astray from the original prompt(s). Additional apologies for any misused language or lore or science, this is almost all from my brain with a tiny bit of Wikipedia. Thank you so much tyrsibs, your prompts were so good!
Summary:Sam and Dean thought the bunker had been unoccupied when they moved in.

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A Little Bit Bunny

Jul. 24th, 2017 05:06 pm
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Genre: General
Rating: G
Characters: Dean, Sam
Spoilers/Warning: None
Word Count: 116
Disclaimer: I write for love only. Characters belong to Kripke/CW
A/N: written for the DEW challenge, Sam + news/newsflash/news reader, and the SPN100 prompt, cross.

“. . . third bizarre death at Hefner’s Playboy Mansion . . .”

Sam paused his research to absorb the latest details from CNN.

“Anything?” Dean asked.

“Yes, the victims all connect to a model who died in the seventies. Could be a spirit. But how would we get in there?”

“You could pass as a model.”

Sam sighed, mildly aggravated, but Dean needed to work harder.

“You’d look real sexy in a bikini.”


“With floppy ears, and the tail, you’d be smokin’!”

Sam’s annoyance mounted, seeing where this was going. “Don’t!” he warned.

“Then you’d be – ”

“Don’t say it.”

“You know you want me to.”


Dean grinned triumphantly. “A hot, cross bunny!”


The plot thickens!

Jul. 23rd, 2017 05:40 pm
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Someone's made a new friend . . . and it's got mini!Dean worried!

Rae's Diner, for [personal profile] indiachick

Jul. 22nd, 2017 06:30 pm
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Title: Rae's Diner
Recipient: [personal profile] indiachick
Rating: G
Word Count or Media: digital art and a drabble to go with it; 750 words
Warnings: temporary (canon) character death
Summary: Somewhere in the woods a lonely heartbreak diner stands.

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Radio Nowhere, for [personal profile] zubeneschamali

Jul. 21st, 2017 10:44 pm
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Title: Radio Nowhere
Recipient: [personal profile] zubeneschamali
Rating: PG-13
Word Count or Media: 7125 ; one mini title banner (jpg)
Warnings: some language, semi-violent imagery (monster death, character death but happy ending!!)
Genre: angst, mystery, Frequency!AU, family feels
Author's Notes: My dear SPN giftee, I know what you’re going to think at first, but trust me. I read your sign-up carefully — just trust me. ;) Major thanks to my excellent beta!

Summary: Dean finds an old radio and someone to connect to on the other end. Funnily enough, so does Sam.

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtrOYsNCPmg


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As Other Birds for withthedemonblood

Jul. 20th, 2017 10:39 pm
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Title: As Other Birds
Recipient: withthedemonblood
Rating : PG-13
Word Count : 2700
Warnings : children in danger
Spoilers: S12
Author’s Notes: withthedemonblood wanted Winchesters and Baneses, post-12 x 20, and maybe some brother h/c; thank you for the great prompts and hope you enjoy! Thank you to M, as always. Also: loosely based on this true story and song: Jacob’s Dream

Summary : Two sets of brothers, a pair of witch twins, and the Pennsylvania woods. Or: what to make of a diminished thing.

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My Little Pony

Jul. 20th, 2017 12:17 pm
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From Felicia Day's tumblr... this sounds awesome!

Hey guys! Just a shoutout for the airing of my My Little Pony episode! It will premiere August 5th on Discovery Family! I do a voice with William Shatner, so it’s super special and fun episode, please tune in!!!

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Title: Children of the Resurrection
Recipient: [personal profile] brightly_lit
Rating: T
Word Count: 5389
Warnings: Some swearing. Mild violence.
Author's Notes: Prompt: ‘Outsider POV where a teen girl's brother is possessed by an angel and he suddenly starts spouting all kinds of divine wisdom ... and he is suddenly incredibly powerful. Maybe she's a popular girl and he embarrasses her more than ever now, maybe she got bullied and that's no longer a problem thanks to him, or any other situation you come up with.’ Writing an outsider POV was a challenge, but it was a lot of fun to do. Just to let you know, Sam and Dean don’t turn up straight away in this, but you will see plenty of them.
Summary: He’s been wearing the same suit for four days straight.

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Gardening Woes for septembers_coda

Jul. 18th, 2017 09:47 pm
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Title: Gardening Woes
Recipient: [personal profile] septembers_coda
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1673
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: The poem came first, then the story wrote itself after that.

Summary: All Sam wants is to have a garden – is that too much to ask? Apparently it is, leading Dean and Cas to call in some help.

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Day at the Beach for Emmatheslayer

Jul. 17th, 2017 10:10 pm
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Title: Day at the Beach
Recipient: Emmatheslayer
Rating: G
Word Count or Media: Illustration
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: I went with the prompt: Sam, Dean and Castiel go to the beach and they have their first real day off.

Summary: Dean and Sam head to the beach with Castiel in tow after a touch case on the coast of California. Castiel is a bit over dressed for the occasion. Sam and Dean spend the day showing how to have fun on the beach.

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